Chapter 3: Diamond in the Rough

I tried to have a focused conversation with Stella, but we were both in such a silly mood, all we wanted to do was dance!

09-15-14_9-42 PM

We danced for a little while, but then it was getting late, so I suggested a change of venue. What better place to get serious than the library? We sat down and had a serious discussion about…everything!

09-15-14_9-49 PM-2

I started things off by bringing up her gloominess. To my surprised, she completely opened up about it!  [quick author interjection…I wish their thought bubbles showed on camera, because he really did mention gloominess and she responded…at least it was the icon for the gloominess trait LOL] She said that she had been suffering from depression ever since her mom died when she was 13. I felt so deeply for her in that moment, but at the same time I felt like such an idiot for walking out on my own mother like an idiot. She said her depression was starting to be manageable, and she had been a much happier person since meeting me! Wow! As she was telling that, I started to think back on all my interactions with her. Come to think about it, she was always extra nice and flirting with me!

I get so antsy after sitting down for so long, so I asked her if she minded if I did some push-ups while she talked. Of course she didn’t mind because she was staring at my butt the whole time!

09-15-14_9-49 PM

We talked late into the night about our childhoods, favorite foods, hopes and dreams, and I had a very good feeling about her. I started out by telling her that she was my best friend in the world, and she meant everything to me. I think that took her by surprise, but in a good way.

09-15-14_9-51 PM

Then I told her that what we had was special it should be given a title. I asked her to be my girlfiend, and she happily said yes!

 09-15-14_9-53 PM

Over the next few days of hanging out with Stella, I noticed that our conversation had put her at ease and made her more comfortable around me. She had her feelings all pinned up inside, and I gave her the power to set them free. I found her to be even more caring than I already knew her to be. She doted on me night and day and just made me feel so special and loved.

09-15-14_10-00 PM

It’s funny. Because of my shallowness (and I was also judgmental), I never gave a serious relationship with her any thought. Who would have thought I had what I wanted in my hand the entire time!

Tomorrow is my birthday, and I know exactly what I’m going to wish for.

09-15-14_10-29 PM

6 thoughts on “Chapter 3: Diamond in the Rough

  1. I’m not sure why no one comments. I love it when people comment on my stories. Hehe.

    I loved your interjection of the gloomy thoughts. That is funny!

    I hope he can continue to make her gloom disappate. Serious = library hehe I guess it worked, though.

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