6 thoughts on “Donovan’s Proclamation

    1. True…I haven’t had one that would suit the story to do it yet. I have four more generations to go, so maybe one will. I really dig my current heir, so we’ll see what happens to him.


  1. iv just started reading your legacy and im really enjoying it!!. im a little confused though? how do you find a spouse not in willow creek or oasis springs? theres nowhere else to look??

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    1. Coooool! Glad you’re enjoying it!

      You’re supposed to marry a townie, so in household management, it’s those “Not Currently In World” Sims. No premades or CAS Sims. But, months after this was written, the rules were changed to allow CAS Sims, but only if they were brand new–no previously existing Sims.


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