Chapter 24: Me and My Boy

Y’all know I’m in the doghouse. Adalyn and I are taking a little time apart to think things over and figure out how we’re going to move forward. In the midst of all of that mess, and even before, I have discovered some really interesting information about myself. I have learned that I really do love my son! Me love a child? That’s crazy. Maybe it is different because he is my child. Maybe it’s just that I do not like other people’s children. I don’t know, but I’m just really digging this kid right now.

10-06-14_10-03 PM

I swear…if the boys in this family keep coming out to look and be just like their fathers, the Pruett legacy is going to be perpetually led by fat, lazy, blonde guys! This kid is JUST like me! Well, I suppose he couldn’t be anything buy lazy seeing as how his mother and me are both lazy. However, he’s picked up a little artsy edge from somewhere. Maybe he was influenced by Avery in the womb, but he wants to be an artistic prodigy. Imagine that!

Throughout this drama I brought into our lives, there is one thing that is comforting, and that is to know that my son loves me and wants to be around me–and I want to be around him!

10-06-14_10-17 PM

10-06-14_11-27 PM

10-06-14_11-55 PM

10-06-14_11-28 PM

I still get the urge to smash that castle every now and then though!


3 thoughts on “Chapter 24: Me and My Boy

  1. Aww, the title picture is really cute. They look so alike! I thought for sure Donovan’s son would have dark hair like his mom. That blonde hair is a strong trait in the Pruett’s lol.


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