Chapter 36: New Kids On the Block

10-16-14_7-38 PM

Jazzy was the best big sister on the planet. At least she wanted to be. She welcomed the twins with opened arms. But, when the twins grew up, they were still twins. Jazzy expected that she would have two new kids to play with, and she did occasionally, but they were more interested in doing things together. Jazzy didn’t take that too well.

10-16-14_10-40 PM

As a matter of fact, both of the girls had a melt down on the same day! Dee told me that as soon as the twins’ birthday party was over, Jayla was extremely angry at Jayden. Why? Because she said didn’t want to be a twin. I must say, she was very serious about that thing, but kids do say the darndest things. I thought it was hilarious. But, just like kids, she was mad one minute and best friends the next. Then when I got home, I had to comfort poor Jazzy about feeling left out. This is real fatherhood, I guess.

10-16-14_10-05 PM

10-16-14_10-05 PM-2

10-16-14_10-32 PM10-16-14_10-36 PM-2

As you can see, my poor son has inherited the phantom blonde hair. But on a better note, both kids look just like me! We haven’t had a girl take on the Pruett features yet, so I’m very curious to find out how Jayla will look as an adult.

Here are all my babies!

jaylajayden10-16-14_10-36 PM-310-16-14_10-38 PM

5 thoughts on “Chapter 36: New Kids On the Block

    1. In real life, I am fascinated by genetics! I think that’s one reason why I love creating different looking Sims and then making them have kids to see who gets what. So when the Pruetts have sons, I’m always waiting anxiously to see if that blonde hair prevails lol. But, on the other hand, it’s soo strange! Where did it come from? Forget family values, wealth, the house, and the flowers…the hair IS the legacy LOL!


      1. I think we’re the same person in two different bodies. I swear…genetics is one of the most fascinating things ever! I loved when The Sims actually started incorporating it into the children–made the whole game more fun, IMO. Ever since Shea and Ryan made babies together, I’ve been trying to get back to the dark hair, but keep having blondes. And YES, the Pruett legacy is blonde males! Ha 🙂

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        1. My long lost twin, eh? 🙂 If the truth be told…when the TS4 demo came out…that was the best thing ever! Well, besides playing the actual game of course lol. Some of the Sims you’ll start to see trickle into the story over the next few chapters are either Sims I made “from scratch” or Sims I mixed with other Sims to create even more unique Sims! I’m still having a problem with low YA and teen populations, so I’ve been advised by other simmers to just populate the world with my own. DONE! LOL

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          1. I have to spend time doing this. AGAIN. Why the heck don’t more people populate? I have houses with just a ghost in them. And then…nothing else. So, it’s time to create some new families and move them in/have them be people who don’t live in town, but magically visit. Always. Heh.

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