Chapter 44: Baby Fever

Hey guys. This is Jayden. My father passed away a few days ago, and so I will be carrying the torch and continuing this story. He taught me very well and told me all about you all, so I hope I can do just as good a job as he did. The family is doing well. It’s never easy to lose someone, but it helps when you know that person has led a full life an prepared us ahead of time. We will always miss him, but life goes on.

EVERYONE was having a baby at the same time! Everyone!! A few days after the wedding–mine–I finally convinced Maliyah that it was time to have a baby. She thought it was too soon, but I won that argument.

Jasmine was also pregnant with their second child, but she was a little further along than we are.

10-28-14_2-53 PMCory has a girlfriend (Kiana Willard) now and is living with him. She was also pregnant! There must have been something in the water!

10-28-14_2-05 PM

Actually, we were visiting with them when Maliyah’s water broke! I totally freaked out, but I got her to the hospital safely, and we came out with a beautiful baby girl named Brittany.

10-28-14_4-08 PM

10-28-14_4-18 PM

Jasmine also had another girl, and her name is Serena.

10-28-14_3-58 PM

Cory and Kiana had twin boys! Their names are Tre and Rusty.

I’m so glad that my siblings and I, and Cory, have such close relationships. That means our children will get something that no other Pruett generation has ever had:  extended family!

Here are all the children present day:

Mackinzie:  mackinzie2

Serena:  serena




Tre:  tre

Rusty:  rusty


15 thoughts on “Chapter 44: Baby Fever

  1. I’m excited and sad!! The Pruett family is huge! And so adorable. I can’t even. But I’m losing track of everyone! Ah. How do you keep up?


    1. So, let me tell you…I was soooooooooo MAD because I missed Aiden’s death! I didn’t keep up with the family until Jasmine moved out–like I said. So, I played with her for a while, and then I went to Jayla’s and played with her. And then I remembered Cory, so I gave him a life lol. And when I got back to the Pruett Estate, I was like hmmm….this house seems strangely small. I looked at all the characters, and I was like, “where’s Aiden???” Gaaaahh!! But at least no one witnessed the death and so no one was sad, but there’s no gravestone to put in the little cemetery 😦 Anyway, going from house to house is manageable right now because there are only four houses, but I don’t think I’ll be able to keep up once these kids grow up and get married. That will be TOO much. THOUGH…I DON’T recommend getting Sims in different houses pregnant at the same time because when they’re in the 3rd trimester and it says ???? you go into panic mode trying to figure out who’s going to give birth first lol. That only happens if you want to actually name the babies. I didn’t care about Cory’s kids, so the system named them. But I wanted to make sure Jasmine’s kid’s last name was Lopes, and of course I wanted to name the new Pruett kid.


      1. Guh. You’re giving me so much to think about…no spoilers or anything…but yeah. I don’t know now. Also…I might have a bug because Paxton hasn’t died yet and he’s just a day younger than Nicole was. He just keeps kicking. Then there’s an issue with a new couple in the house and their inability to WooHoo in any bed at all anywhere and there are A LOT of beds to choose from! It’s making me grumpy.
        I can’t decide how to play from here. You’ve given me a lot to think about….


        1. Wow, no woo hoo? That’s very strange. It actually took Jaxson a long time to die. I think he lived like 110 or 115 days, so maybe some Sims just live longer? Dunno.


          1. Maybe. He’s in really good health. Level 8 fitness and is forever working out. That man can do the Hill Challenge as an elder and not even get the uncomfortable moodlet. Good for him. The WooHoo is bothering me because…well…babies. Let’s be serious.


          2. Yeah…of course. The whole point of a legacy challenge to have babies lol. Are they tired or anything? I had this happen with Donovan, Aiden, and Jasmine. If they were really tired, I would try for a baby and they would do they’re little “YES!!” thing (lol), but then they would just stand there and the woo hoo action would disappear. That’s great about Paxton! I think it’s completely unfair that elders can’t really exercise. It’s almost like they’re destined to die fat.


          3. The option to WooHoo doesn’t even exist when I click the beds. Without giving too much away, I promise they know each other and have a relationship going on. So disappointing. I’m updating my blog now and then I’m going to go back into the game and see if the situation has improved…Paxton is in better shape as an elder than as an adult. It’s great. Eh…the life of a retired Diamond Agent. Heh.


          4. That’s soo strange! I mean, even when the house is full the option is there. It’s just grayed out. See if anyone else has had that problem on the forum. I hope you can get it worked out before it’s too late!


    2. Oh…I made a family tree because I wanted to be able to see everyone at once and all the relationships (and to look at how the genetics make it down the family line). I can send you the link if you’d like, but just an fyi, there is someone on there you haven’t met yet 😉


      1. Ah! I’m so tossed. I haven’t updated my family tree because I don’t want to spoil anyone’s fun. Well, I did on the main website, but not on the one I post. But I do want to see the whole family….so I decide yes! Ha.


          1. So…I haven’t clicked in to yours yet. I use Family Echo, too. Basically, I just zoom out and take a screen shot. Then I paste it into Paint (I know, sophisticated) and draw the heir line and do the whole outline for the deceased. Once it gets bigger, I guess I’ll have to do it in pieces, but this way people can check out the family. I grow the families even for those I don’t play with anymore. Like Clinton (red head) is married now. And perhaps there’s a child on the way or something….who knows?!? 😉


          2. Ohhhh, I see. I’ve been so into your story I never even stopped to look at your other pages lol. I wish the pictures could be bigger, but those are the breaks of having a big family I guess. I’ll have to do that. Maybe I’ll restrain myself and only update it like once a week so I’m not giving things away because I update mine fairly quickly. OK, so sometimes I can be a real idiot, right? As observant as I usually am, how about I JUST now discovered that you are aroseinbloom LOL!!! I feel like a dork, but I’m seriously laughing out loud 😀


          3. I’m so happy we’re virtual friends. It makes me so happy when you post and/or reply to comments. It’s great. This one, though, I’m dying! I love it!
            I wanted to change my SN since it was something I created years and years ago, (my last name is Rosenbloom so…ARoseInBloom), but EA wouldn’t have it, so alas, it remains! But yes, it’s me! In regards to the family tree, I always update the live one, take pictures of it, but I don’t post it online until my story has caught up.
            Still laughing over here…


          4. So am I lol. But yes, I’m happy we’re virtual friends too. In real life, I’m very engaging when I speak to people, so I guess that spilled over into my online life. That’s cool with your name though. My last name (Brown) is plain, so I couldn’t do anything cool like that with it.


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