Chapter 51: Everyone Is Getting Old

The next day, after Maliyah’s blow up, was her birthday. To make matters worse…it kind of slipped right past us! I didn’t mean to not remember her birthday, but it just happened. That definitely didn’t help matters, although she didn’t say anything. The following weekend was crazy! We celebrated three birthdays in one night! Unfortunately, I was not around for any of them.

First, baby bro stepped into his adult years. I should probably stop calling him “baby” bro, but he will always and forever be the baby of the family–always!

11-04-14_8-40 PM

He said he wished for peace in the home. Amen bro!

Then little man welcome his teen years. He’s not such a little man any more! He is a genius–just like his mother.

11-04-14_8-43 PM

brandon2Finally, Brittany left behind her childish ways (I hope) and is now a proper young woman! How can someone be a slob and a snob at the same time? This should be really interesting.

11-04-14_8-46 PM


My my my. One adult, two teenagers, and an angry wife. I think life for me is about to get veeeeery interesting!


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