Giancarlo’s Farewell | Kolby’s Tribute

Giancarlo was more like an uncle to me than a cousin who married into the family. At times I felt like he was a much older brother. After we moved away, I would come back to the estate just to visit him. He would help me with my homework and listen to my problems.

11-18-14_8-22 PM11-21-14_8-26 PM

A lot of times I came back to just so he could mentor me musically. He introduced me to the piano at a very young age, and I owe all of my musical successes to him.

11-18-14_5-54 PM11-16-14_9-31 PM11-30-14_6-54 PMI dedicate this song to him.


5 thoughts on “Giancarlo’s Farewell | Kolby’s Tribute

  1. Yes, I’m reading this story late. You write so beautifully at times I felt like I was right there with the sims. Omg GNC, I loved this sim and his character. I cried when he went. Still have tears in my eyes with the memorial. Awesome writer!!

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