Giancarlo’s Farewell | Words from the Children

11-21-14_9-10 PM

Sometimes kids would make fun of us because we had old parents. It never really occurred to us, until mommy’s birthday, that they were old and may not see us grow up. Daddy was never an old Sim to us. He was just daddy. He played with us, made up songs with us, and treated us like princesses.

11-21-14_10-37 PM

11-22-14_7-03 PM

11-22-14_6-57 PM

We miss him terribly already. And if we’re honest, we’re upset that he won’t be there for our weddings, or even meet our boyfriends. We feel like he was taken too soon, but the fact is we were just born too late.

11-30-14_6-56 PM

11-22-14_7-09 PM11-22-14_6-53 PM

We know it will be hard, but we will make it through together. We love you and miss you, daddy.

11-22-14_6-59 PM11-22-14_6-58 PM-211-22-14_7-02 PM11-22-14_6-58 PM


2 thoughts on “Giancarlo’s Farewell | Words from the Children

  1. This is such a beautiful memorial, and I’m really upset about Giancarlo’s passing and all (I actually stopped reading last night because I didn’t want him to die yet…xD). I just really have to share — my itunes is on shuffle, and the chorus of ‘Stuck on a Feeling’ by Prince Royce/Snoop was playing just as I came to the picture of Giancarlo and Cadence dancing and I lost my crap. I’m still laughing. I must add this song to my custom music bc it’s perfect sim-dance music. xD

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