Chapter 87: Alien Abduction

Cadence was in the garden when she noticed a familiar frame slinking up the stairs to the front door.

“Cameron,” she shouted and ran up to greet him.

12-18-14_8-49 PM

“Hey Cadence.”

“How are you? Where have you been? I’m sorry…please come inside.”

12-18-14_8-50 PM

“What’s different about you? You’re standing up straight…making eye contact…are you an alien?”

12-18-14_8-51 PM

“Ha! No, I’m not an alien. I’m ambitious!”


“Yep. That was my birthday trait. I feel more confident now, and I’m going after what I want.”

He walked past her and headed for the love seat, and he didn’t break eye contact with her once. There was something about this new Cameron that Cadence kinda liked.

12-18-14_8-52 PM

12-18-14_8-53 PM

He just sat there with a cheesy grin on his face. She didn’t know what to make of it.

“Cameron,” she laughed nervously, “What has gotten into you?”

“You have. OH! I’m sorry, before we get into that, come here. Paxton told me what happened. I’m SO sorry to hear about your mom.”

12-18-14_8-55 PM

“Oh. Yeah. Thank you. I’m ok though.”

“Really? I don’t think I would be.”


“Yes, Cadence?”

“You can let me go now.”

“Oh! Sorry. I’m still new at this ambition thing.”

12-18-14_8-57 PM

“So, you jerk, when was your birthday?? Did my invitation get lost in the mail?”

“Well…you wouldn’t have come anyway.”

“How would you know?”

“I know.”

“But how?”

“Because…you were kinda burying your mom.”


“Come…sit with me.”

12-18-14_9-01 PM

“So…let’s say we have a conversation about where we take this little friendship thing.”

I don’t know who this new guy is…but I like him!

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