Chapter 90: The Downward Spiral

Melody knew that her mother said she should go slow with Paxton, but all she ever wanted was to be with him. She decided wasn’t going to be without him ever again against Bianca’s judgement. As soon as she got home from work, she called him over for an important chat.

12-18-14_10-22 PM

“Paxton…do you love me,” she asked nervously.

“Of course, sweet thang. I love everything about you.”

“Whew! Ok! I was hoping you would say that…”

12-18-14_10-23 PM

“I need to ask you something before I lose my nerve…”

“I don’t have any children…I’m not seeing anyone else…I don’t troll teh forums in my underwear at night.”


“Isn’t that what you girls typically want to know?”

“What kind of girls have you dated?”

“You don’t wanna know. Anyway, what do you want to know then?”

12-18-14_10-23 PM-3

“What are you doing down there? Did your contact fall out?”

“Paxton…I don’t want to be alone anymore….”

“You’re not, but, ok….”

12-18-14_10-24 PM-2

12-18-14_10-24 PM

12-18-14_10-25 PM

“Please marry me!”

12-18-14_10-25 PM-3

“Whaaaaaat? Are you serious?”

12-18-14_10-26 PM-3

“As a heart attack! Will you marry me?”

“Of course.”

12-18-14_10-27 PM

12-18-14_10-28 PM

“I only have one condition though,” he said.

“What is it? I’ll do anything!”

“We get our own place. All I’ve known is crowded houses. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life in one…even if it’s as phat as this. Can you deal with that?”

“Sure! We can live wherever you want to live. I don’t care as long as we’re together.”

12-18-14_10-30 PM

Unbeknownst to them, just one hundred feet around the corner, Brandon’s life was expiring while they planned the future of their own. He had been in the observatory all afternoon after he came home from Amira’s house because he didn’t want to see anyone. But at dusk, he started to feel lightheaded and came out to get some air. He was soon about to discover he was going to need a lot more than oxygen.

12-18-14_10-34 PM

*cough* *cough* Is anyone out here? *coughing* Help me, please!”

12-18-14_10-36 PM

12-18-14_10-37 PM

“You know…we should celebrate,” Melody flirted.

“Oh? What did you have in mind?”

“It’s a secret…but I’ll tell you when we get to my room.”

12-18-14_10-37 PM-3

“Ohhhhhh, snap! I love how you think!”

12-18-14_10-37 PM-4

“Brandon Ramone Pruett…poor thing, out here all alone. Oh well. I can take care of that easily! Come with me, oh lonely prince. Ha ha ha ha haaaaa!”

12-18-14_10-41 PM

“Just think…now your mom isn’t here to kill us!”

“Do yourself a favor and stop talking!”

8 thoughts on “Chapter 90: The Downward Spiral

  1. I didn’t think I was even that emotionally attached to Brandon.. It must just be your amazing, emotional writing, because this post really hit me. The line “Is anyone out here? Help me, please!” really upset me, for whatever reason. I guess I just read it as a really desperate plea, and Melody was so close, but so plumming absorbed with her boy toy… Then Paxton’s comment about “Now your mom isn’t here to kill us!” pissed me the plum off. Asdfghjkl; this post was so good and so emotionally irritating at the same time. xD

    Liked by 1 person

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