Merry Christmas!


Cadence thought it would cheer everyone up to dress up in tacky sweaters and hats, decorate the house, and take Christmas pictures. It kinda worked.

Sometimes the holidays aren’t pretty. As a matter of fact, sometimes the holidays are down right ugly. Many people have trouble getting through the holidays while everyone else is smiling and having a jolly good time. To everyone out there who may be experiencing the ugly side of the holidays like the Pruetts, my heart goes out to you! I hope that, in some way, you will be able to experience a glimmer of joy even just for a second. I hope (pray even) that things will turn up for you very soon.

I have a lot to do as this is the first time I will be hosting Christmas. Why are new homeowners always thrusted into this position?? Anyway, I’m not taking a break from this story, but I’ll be slowing down a bit until the end of next week. I wish everyone a happy and safe and joyous and bountiful and…I’ve run out of adjectives…MERRY Christmas or whatever holiday you celebrate! Take care!

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