7.3 Love Is in the Air

12-26-14_4-34 PM-2

“I hear you are in love, ‘cuz!”

12-26-14_4-35 PM

“And what about you? I hear you’re head over heals with that pink-haired girl.”

“Harley Jean. Her name is Harley Jean. And yes, I’m in love with her!”

“Oh really? I thought players don’t fall in love.”

“Ha! Well…yeah, you’re right. Maybe I’m getting soft. I don’t know what it is, but I love that girl.”

“That’s great to hear, Allen! Well, if you must know…I’m completely in love with Cameron! We’re getting pretty serious.”

“Whaaat? Ok, ‘cuz! Serious like he’ll be living here soon, or serious serious like there will be wedding bells soon?”

“I’m not sure….Although…I think I could go for the bells.”

Everyone in the Pruett Estate was in love with someone–everyone. Allen, Cadence, and Lance were all progressing in their relationships quite nicely over the past few months.

12-26-14_4-47 PM

Although Allen continues to flirt with and pursue other Sims, Harley Jean had his heart. She was a really great match for him. Her good nature and goofiness really balanced out his hotheadedness.

12-26-14_5-42 PM

Lance and Myra didn’t waste any time getting up to speed on all the goings on of their lives. Obviously, they both upheld their end of the bargain to never lose touch ever again.

12-26-14_5-52 PM

That’ll teach you to laugh at my llama print pajamas!

Lance was even able to introduce her to his father and get his blessing on their relationship. Brandon was very happy and proud of him, but of course he had some reservations about the rate at which things were happening. But, that had more to do with his own situation than anything directly related to Lance and Myra.12-26-14_5-38 PM12-26-14_6-56 PMAs Allen previously mentioned, Cadence and Cameron are now in an official relationship. They finally had that “define the relationship” conversation he wanted. Quite naturally, they found that they were quite smitten with each other, and there was really nothing left to do but put a title on the relationship. They were already best friends and knew everything there was to know about each other, so they didn’t have to spend time getting to know each other. They enjoyed the freedom that came with moving out of the friend zone. Now they are discovering the new ways in which they can express themselves.

We can’t forget about poor Melody. Just because she is no longer in a relationship doesn’t mean that she can’t be in love, right? For the first time in her life, she was in love with herself. She finally realized that everything her mother and sister said was true. All the time she spent chasing after Paxton, she could have spent investing in herself. Don’t get her wrong though. She still deeply desires companionship and likes to look sexy, but she’s learned that she needs to put herself first. Actually, she needs to put her children first now–and she is. She is head over heals in love with her children. This is by far the best thing that could have ever happened to her because now she knows the meaning of true love. Love is not a feeling. It’s not a physical reaction to fine words. It’s not a fit of passionate lust. It’s not even about understanding someone or being understood. Love is not some small, insignificant thing to be shared with just anyone flippantly. Love is mammoth. It is all encompassing. Love is a decision. Love is a voluntary action. Love is what you do–especially when you don’t feel like doing it. Love is treasured–by both parties. Love is patient and kind and never gives up. Love conquers all things. Love is eternal!

12-27-14_1-11 AM

Here are the girls present day:


Mia Colleen Sheridan


Marli Cassandra Sheridan

Even Bianca got bitten by the love bug.

Bianca watching Mia sleep.

Although it makes her sad that she is not alive to experience the joys of being a grandma, she loves that she can still be part of her granddaughters’ lives in a small way.

15 thoughts on “7.3 Love Is in the Air

  1. One of my favorite chapters! Defining love for oneself is incredibly important. I’m so happy that Melody has taken the time to fall in love with herself!! Yay! That’s the best news ever. And pink hair. I love pink hair!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah I love it too. I am soooo sad that we cant do the perfect genetics challenge in the sims 4. There are some mods now for it, but I dont use them because my game keeps having issues when i do.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. You really dont know that challenge? You are missing out then! You create a sim with hair and eyes with unsusual color like pink or a other color that is not natural. Some even do the skincolor. I play it all the time in the sims 3. Sometimes you are Lucky and only need 2 kids. And sometimes not and you are 3 youthpotions and 25 kids along. The reason you cant do it that way in the sims 4 is because the pink and blue and green hair are not present in the toddler and kids options for hair or eyecolor. You can do it with the normal genetics but is not the same.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. It is a really fun and quite easy challenge. Well with the generations who dont need much kids for the perfect genetics. So the kids with the same hair and eye color of the parent sim. When ya need 10 or more of them… Omgoodness. Soooo many children in tha house!

            Liked by 1 person

  2. I like the generation, since Amira entered the family it has a more Arabian evolution to the family, it’s cool! By the way, what ever happened to Asia all that time ago? And Amira, how is she?


    1. Asia died 😦 Previously, I hadn’t been very good at keeping up with the families who move out of the house. I was trying to change that and play with them more often. One day I went to play her house, and I discovered she wasn’t there anymore. You’ll see her and that family again after I complete this legacy challenge. Amira is fine and is just being Amira lol. You’ll see her again in a couple hours. I have three posts to write tonight. She’ll be in the last one.


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