New Chapter Numbering

I was just about to begin writing chapter 100, and I said to myself, “One hundred?? That’s too much text!” LOL

By the time this challenge is over, I’m quite sure we’ll be well over 130 chapters! It’s time to make some changes. While I personally would not mind continuing on this way, I think it would be best that I adopt a simpler numbering system that is clean, short, and understandable. I will retrofit the existing gen 7 posts to the new system and continue it until the end. Here is how it will look: So, for example, what would have been chapter 100 will now be 7.7 because it is the 7th post in the gen 7 category. I hope that makes sense to everyone. There are a lot of other awesome Sims writers out there who use this and it works quite nicely. If you have any questions about this, or anything else, just let me know!


What did you think about that?

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