Fare Thee Well, 2014

Well folks, in my time zone, we  have about 10 minutes left in 2014. MAN was this year awesome or what?! Why? Because YOU made it awesome! I started this blog and this story in September, and in a little less than four months, this blog has been read almost 8,000 times!! How awesome is that?! I have never had a blogging experience like this before…ever! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Christmas is over, but as long as my beautiful tree still reigns, it is still the season of giving :-). I am giving you Simmers a little slice of the Pruetts as a token of my appreciation! In the gallery, I have made the following items available for download:

  • The Pruett Estate
  • The cast of generation 6
    • Brandon & Amira
    • Bianca & Giancarlo
    • Teenage Lance
    • Child Allen
    • Child Cadence & Melody
  • The cast of generation 7
    • Jayden & Maliyah
    • Jared, Asia, & Kolby
    • YA Brittany
    • Teenage Bianca
    • Teenage Brandon
  • Jaxson Broussard
  • Xavier Pruett

You can follow me, Origin ID Jes2G, or search for them with #PruettLegacy. I hope you enjoy these items and they bring you much entertainment.

Happy New Year!


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