7.23 All Kinds of Frustrated

“So, whaddaya say? I say three months,” Marli said.

“Are you girls betting on your mom,” Cadence asked as she walked in on this conversation.

01-14-15_4-24 PM

“Oh yeah! You don’t know? I think they’re getting serious. I give ’em three months until they get married. Two months even!”

“Huh! Imagine that,” Cadence said surprised. “I guess that would explain why she hasn’t called in a while.”

01-14-15_4-25 PM

“What about you, Mia? Do you like River?”

01-14-15_4-25 PM-2

“Yeah. He’s nice.”

“Do you want them to get married too? I know you don’t like strangers much.”

“I want her to be happy, so…yeah. I’m sure I’ll get to know him before that happens.”

“Ok. Just making sure. I mean, Marli seems to be running the show over here!”

She got up to go to the bathroom when Melody walked through the door.

01-14-15_4-27 PM

“And speaking of the show, here’s the star right here!”

“Go to your room, girls. Your own rooms,” Melody ordered.

01-14-15_4-27 PM-2

“Oooooh, and she doesn’t sound happy. Good luck girlies,” Cadence said.

Melody walked right past Cadence and didn’t say a word to her. It was almost as if she was invisible. She went to her room to continue working, but she was just so frustrated from work, whatever trouble the girls were in, and the restrictions she placed on her own love life. She was all kinds of frustrated. Her phone rang, and it was River, but she didn’t even look at the caller ID and answered the phone quite harshly.

01-14-15_4-30 PM-2

“Hello?!…Oh, hi…sorry…no, I haven’t talked to them yet…I sent them to their rooms…do YOU want to come handle them?…Ok then!…No, I’m sorry. I’m just so stressed out. You worked in the corporate world, so you know. I need a vacation…Yeah, I have six days…Really?…You want me to??…Tomorrow? Yeah, I can work that out. This is going to be so much fun!…Ok…yeah…see you!”

“What was that?”

“He invited me to go fishing with him tomorrow! How cool is that?!”

01-14-15_4-34 PM

“Have you ever been fishing?”

“Nope. I don’t even know if I’ll like it, but as long as he’s there, it’ll be great!”

“I bet. I’m so glad this is working out. I mean, I know it’s still new, but it seems promising.”

“Yeah. It is. I’m enjoying it. I was doubtful for a while that I could let anyone in, but he really understands me. Now, help me put an outfit together that’s kinda outdoorsy, but still sexy, but not like obvious.”

01-14-15_4-34 PM-2


8 thoughts on “7.23 All Kinds of Frustrated

        1. I really really REALLY want to bring him back once more. But, it all depends on what’s going on with him in his desert program. You’ll see how I lay the foundation for that in about two days.

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