7.25 Mass Exodus

Previously, in the Pruett Estate, Myra invited Nikki to stay until they could figure out what to do about her situation. Also, Natalia also made mention of leaving town at the family reunion. An opportunity arose for both of them to get what they wanted. Here is the story.

Myra and Nikki finally got the opportunity to sit down and talk after all the children got home from school, homework was completed, and–of course–story time. It had been a pretty hectic day for Myra, and she didn’t even have time to cook dinner, so they had leftover French toast.

01-16-15_7-14 PM

“So, tell me, Nikki. What’s going on? Why did you run away?”

“I didn’t run away. I left!”

“You’re 15 years old…the authorities would call it running away.”


“You know…I could send you back home if you’d like.”

01-16-15_7-15 PM

“No! Please don’t make me go back.”

“Fine. You need to lose the attitude though. I’m trying to help you!”

“I’m sorry, Myra. I’m just so tired of it all. I just want to get out of here and start a new life with new people who don’t know anything about me.”

“I understand. Tell me…what’s so bad about Theresa? When I met her before the reunion, she seemed very sweet.”

“That’s because you were a stranger. She’s very nice around strangers, but she’s an evil little–”

“Hey! Whatever you were going to say is not appropriate! She’s still your family.”

“She plays mind games! One while, she’s the sweetest person in the world, and the next minute she’s telling me that nobody wants me and she’s gonna kick me out as soon as I turn 18. And then, she says she’s keeping information about my mother from me because she’s trying to ‘protect me.’ But then when I ask her about it she flips and says that I am ungrateful and I shouldn’t be concerned about her because she raised me like her own child. It’s all a bunch of plum!”

“Wow! She’s really like that? I can’t believe her. How do people treat children so cruel?”

01-16-15_7-16 PM

That did something to Myra. She never knew the circumstances of her birth or even where she came from, and every now and then she got angry at her parents for abandoning her. Deep down, she knew that she was compensating for that pain with her helpfulness and keen knack for family.

Myra heard someone knocking at the door and excused herself from Nikki.

“Quinton! What a pleasant surprise! What’s happening? How’s life?”

01-16-15_7-21 PM-2

“Life is great. Actually, I came by to tell you that I’m leaving in the morning.”

“You too? Sheesh! Why does everyone want to leave all of a sudden? It’s like a Pruett mass exodus!”

“Yeah? Who else?”

“Well, they haven’t left yet because they’re teens, but Nikki and Natalia are desperate to get out of their home situations.”

“Oh, yeah. I talk to them every now and then. They’re always so sad. Hey! What if they came with me? I wouldn’t mind looking after them until they grow up. And even after.”

01-16-15_7-23 PM

“That’s a great idea and all, but I wouldn’t feel right jump dumping a child on you like this.”

“What…is someone here?”

“Nikki. She ran away last night.”

“Poor thing. All the more reason for her to come! She’s already gone. At least she could be with someone she knows.”

“Yeah…that is true. This situation is so unfair to all of us! I don’t feel right making decisions for someone else’s child, but her father is incompetent, she doesn’t know her mother, and her aunt is the reason she’s in this situation! I wish Lance were here so we could talk it over. Do you really think it’s the right thing to do?”

“I do. Like I said, she already ran away. Thank the Watcher she had enough sense to come here instead of leaving town. Who knows where she would have ended up! At least now she’ll be safe. Her and Natalia.”

“You’re right. That makes me feel better. Ok…let me go and talk to her. You know where everything is…make yourself at home. Oh…where are you going anyway?”

“Ironically, I’m going to another town named Willow Creek. It’s several hours away.”

“How funny! It will be funnier if it looked just like this one.”

“Yeah, it would.”

Myra went to go find Nikki and tell her the news. She found her upstairs in the game room with Brady.

01-16-15_7-27 PM

“I have some news, Nikki. I think you’ll want to sit down. You know Quinton Call, yeah?”

“Uh huh. He’s always very nice to me.”

“Well, he was the one at the door, and he came by to tell me that he’s leaving town in the morning. We discussed it, and he offered to take you with him–you and Natalia. I wasn’t comfortable with it at first, just being honest, but now I think it may be that opportunity you wanted. But, it’s your decision. I’m not trying to get rid of you or kick you out. You can stay here for as long as you like, but if you want to go, I’ll understand.”

“Seriously?! OMG! Of COURSE I want to go!!”

01-16-15_7-29 PM

“I thought you would. [sigh] Ok! Let’s go then. You’re gonna have to stay at his house tonight.”

Myra still didn’t feel comfortable making decisions for someone else’s child, but she knew it was the right thing for Nikki.

01-16-15_7-32 PM

“Well, here she is! She’s agreed to come.”

“Thank you so much, Quinton!”

“No prob, Nik. I told you I’d look out for you.”

“I’m gonna go make some sandwiches or something so you guys can eat on the road.”

“Please don’t trouble yourself, Myra,” Quinton said.

“I insist. Just think of it as a going away present.”

01-16-15_7-33 PM

Just as Myra exited the family room, Nikki ran up and and threw her arms around her in thanks and gratitude.

01-16-15_7-34 PM

“Thanks for everything, Myra! No one has ever been this nice to me before!”

“Let me tell you something. You are kind, you are smart, and you are important. Don’t let anyone ever tell you any different. You understand me?”

“Yes ma’am,” she said with tears in her eyes. “Your kids are so lucky to have you as their mother.”

01-16-15_7-35 PM

Farewell Quinton, Nikki, and Natalia! Good luck to you all in your new life and in your new world! Although your presence in the Pruett Family Legacy was brief, you will still be missed.

Stay tuned to find out where they end up!


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  1. The sentence of you are kind, you are smart, you are important reminds me of a movie called ‘the help’ Dont know if its from that but it is true for everyone!

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