Exciting Times

It’s been a few days since you heard from me. Some of you wanted to send out a search party while others of you are probably like, “Thank God! We need a break!” 🙂 Anyway! I’ve been busy! I’ve been working on brand new stories!! Before I get started, no, the Pruett legacy challenge is not over yet. No, I am not quitting the challenge. No, I am not putting the challenge on hold. 🙂 Moving on!

You Simmers out there know that legacy challenges are quite taxing…and long! It’s going to be a long time before I do another one lol. So, my next few stories are NOT legacies. They are complete fabrications of my own imagination–that’s a scary place lol. So…without further ado, I would like to bring to you the first non-Pruett story!

Yay! I have a few chapters planned for this, but I just haven’t written them yet. I was so excited about this next story, but I plan to have at least one chapter up tonight.


The question has been asked over and over and over again…what happens to the Pruetts when the challenge is over? I keep saying the Pruetts will live on…and they will. They are! Now, honestly, I wanted to wait until the challenge was over to start these stories because I didn’t want to confuse anyone by having someone who is currently alive or recently dead in the legacy alive and well in another story. But, I had an idea for this first spin-off story a few weeks ago, but all of a sudden on Friday night, the whole thing hit me like a ton of bricks. One thing led to another, and, well…there are four chapters already posted on the site lol. They’re more like teasers than anything, he he he 🙂  SO…I give you the first of a few Pruett alternate reality stories…”F.I.S.H.”

The picture takes you to the Pruett Alternate Realities page just to explain what that means in case you’re still unclear. You can get to F.I.S.H. from that page and see the first four chapters. As you can probably already tell, River is the main character in this story, and of course he is married to Melody. 🙂 They are both at the very beginning of their young adult lives, so not only will they be around for a long time, but you may notice they are slightly different from their older, wiser selves we’re used to (well, at least River seeing as how we met him in his adult years…we all know how Melody was 😉 )

These stories live on http://jes2gstories.wordpress.com! Make sure you bookmark the site and go there and follow it so you can be notified when the first chapter of Discovering Juliana is live and all the subsequent updates. Two of you beat me to the punch and signed up yesterday…you smart people you 😀 . I love it. Now, I know it’s not the most ideal situation to be getting updates from me on two different sites, but until I decide to spend some money and host this site myself, that’s the way it will have to be for a little while. I will add a widget to this site that will feed recent updates from that site there, and I have one on the other site with Pruett updates, so hopefully that will make it a bit easier to deal with.

That’s all folks! I hope you enjoy these new stories, and I hope you’ll consider joining the new site. I will have a new Pruett Family Legacy chapter up in a few days. Take care!


8 thoughts on “Exciting Times

    1. LOL don’t know what happened with the first comment. Anyways, I was gonna say: It’s is exciting! and Hehehe I know what’s behind Juliana in that picture 🙂

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  1. Girl, you are crazy! But, it’s ok, because we all are! ❤ Hehe. Exciting times are had by all. 😉 Anyway, enough of my weird babble, I'm excited for you and mores stories. Take your time, though, I'm still trying to catch up. 😀

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