New Website Coming Soon!

Pruett fans! Listen up! The time has finally come for an improved, shiny, new website!! Who’s excited? I’m excited too! Soon, the days of keeping up with multiple websites to get all of my content will be gone. What can you expect from this site? More stories, non-story blog posts from my perspective, and all kinds of Jes2Gness 🙂 (I can hear CathyTea saying “Jes2Genius” right about now lol). I will be consolidating this site, the other story site, and pieces of my personal blog.

I’ve already done a great deal of work, but I’m to the point where if I don’t make time to complete it I’ll never be finished with it. So, I’m pausing on playing until the website is done. However, I won’t leave you in the dark for long 🙂 I have the rest of the vacation played through and some other random pictures I took at Alayna’s house. I’ll write them as short vignettes in no particular order and schedule one per day. Then, when the new site is ready to go, we’ll pick back up with the chapters! I anticipate 2-3 weeks, but I don’t think I have enough vignettes to fill all that time. When they stop, just hold tight!

The website is live right now, so that’s why I haven’t given you the address yet. No peeking! Only a couple of you can peek right now. I’ll let you all talk amongst yourselves and see who they are. Maybe you’ll make dinner theater out of it 😀

Take care! Stay tuned!


16 thoughts on “New Website Coming Soon!

      1. I’m more like the quiet persoon that reeds everything, but doesn’t say a thing.
        Still not your mom (:
        I recently bought Sims 4 and I really love it, haha. Still trying to figure things out and I really don’t know what I want to do with all those aging settings.
        (This is a really late answer, sorry :’) )

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          1. I speak Dutch (:
            Thank you! i’m really happy, haha. But today my fridge didn’t work, so I freaked out, haha. But now everything is working again (:

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