The Boss

Ever since Viviana first became a mother, she understood Alayna much better. She never misunderstood her, but now she understood why she does what she does with the intensity in which she does it. And now that they were all vacationing together, Viviana took every opportunity to give Alayna a break. The first morning, she rose early and prepared pancakes for everyone.

04-10-15_6-49 PM

“Good morning, sugar bear! Want some pancakes?”

“Can I have the girl who made the pancakes instead?”

“Not this time, mister.”

“Hmmm…ok. Pancakes will have to do then.”

Brady and Viviana got a stack of pancakes and sat at the table to eat. No sooner than they sat down the children were coming downstairs. They too got a stack of pancakes and joined their parents at the table, but Callie was not happy.

04-10-15_6-52 PM

She sat down and let out a loud sigh.

04-10-15_6-53 PM

She barely touched her pancakes and kept sighing.

“What’s the matter,” Viviana asked.

“[sigh] There’s just so much filth in the world,” Callie replied.

Brady and Viviana wanted to laugh, but they knew she was very serious. They couldn’t believe how much personality she had already. Neither of them dignified her statement with a response and kept eating their breakfast. They even tried to begin their own conversation, but she kept sighing louder and louder. Then she made a face.

04-10-15_6-54 PM

“Stop making faces and eat your food,” Brady said.

But she wouldn’t stop making the face.

“Your pancakes are getting cold,” Viviana suggested.

She still kept the face on.

Brady had enough.

“Callie, what in the world are you doing?”

“I’m holding my breath!”

“Oh for crying out loud. Really,” Brady said.

“It’s ok. I’ll wash the dishes if it will make her eat her food,” Viviana said.

04-10-15_6-55 PM

“Thank you, mother,” Callie said. “Make sure you wash them thoroughly.”


9 thoughts on “The Boss

    1. Oh boy! That sounds like fun lol. I actually like the neat trait. I don’t end up “washing dishes” as much. But, then of course it really sucks when there’s a mess around and it kills their mood…


      1. It sucked with the Insane sim because we had a house full of Sims and the slightest mess would trigger manic outbursts. This was back when sims were a bit more slobby though, like they’d wander to the far corner of the lot to shove a dirty plate into a bookshelf.

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