How Did We Get Here?

04-11-15_10-31 AM

“Hey,” Alayna said. “I thought I’d find you down here.”

“Good morning, baby.”

“Why aren’t you in your office?”

“I dunno. I’m still jealous of this space, I guess.”

“How did we end up with four kids again?”
04-11-15_10-31 AM-2

“Didn’t your mama ever tell you about playing games?”

“Shut up. You know that’s not what I mean! How do we have a grown son, a teenage son, and infant daughters? We’re like, all over the map!”

“Yeah. It does seem strange. You’re not mad, are you?”

04-11-15_10-32 AM

“No! I love the girls. I just feel a little crazy, that’s all.”

“You’ll get the hang of it. You are the second most amazing mother there is!”

“Right underneath your mom, eh? How are Robyn and Robert doing?”

04-11-15_10-32 AM-2

“As well as could be expected.”

“Have you…seen them? Well, I guess I mean have they seen you.”


“So they don’t know we did this then.”



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