Daddy’s Little Girls – Part II

Roland was in his office the afternoon of the twins’ birthdays eating dinner when he looked up and saw two pairs of eyes looking at him.

“Hey, little ladies. Where do you think you’re going with those plates?”

04-11-15_10-58 AM

“We having lunch with you,” Cienna said.

“Is that so…with your cute little glasses on.

04-11-15_10-58 AM-2

“Don’t get comfortable. Nobody eats in my office except me. And nobody sits in my chair but me. Ok?”

“Sure, daddy,” Cienna said with a smile.

Cienna, who inherited Alayna’s neatness, sat in the white chair next to him.

“I’ll be careful. I wouldn’t want to ruin my new outfit,” she said.

“Sydney…what do you think you’re doing?”

04-11-15_10-59 AM

“Nothing,” she sang.

04-11-15_11-00 AM

“It better be nothing.”

04-11-15_11-00 AM-2

And then she sat in the chair anyway.


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