Just a Few Minutes

Alayna was having a hard time coping with her agreement to be ok with things not being perfect. With Sydney always upset at something, Cienna always underfoot, learning to let go of Devan, and trying to make sure Anthony didn’t feel left out, she felt like her life was out of control. However, most of the time, all she needed was just a few minutes away from the children to collect herself and get her head back in the game.

One night, when things were especially hectic after another meltdown from Sydney, she saw Roland disappear into the bathroom and followed him in there, grabbed him by the waist, and planted her lips on his cheek.
04-11-15_11-42 AM

“Baby…what are you doing? I’m trying to pee,” he said.

“Hush, please.”

“…Ok, but can I pee now?”

“No. Just stand here with me for a few minutes.”

“Why do–”


She rested her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes. She shut out the yelling and screaming from the other side of the door, the soiled dishes stinking up the place, and broken things and just breathed deeply with her husband who finally understood what was going on. He just said, “Ok.”


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