Pruett Hall of Fame

Xavier PruettXavier Pruett, also known as X, is the founding father of the Pruett family. After a disagreement with his mother, he took his inheritance money and left home. He was homeless for a few weeks when he got the idea to buy some land. He built a one-room shack that contained a single lamp, bed, toilet, refrigerator, and shower. Little by little he added onto the house, and every generation improves on his original creation. In addition to the house, he also left behind the garden. The original garden only contained the lilies. He nurtured them and evolved as much as he could before his death. He instructed his wife, Sandra, to have his son, Donovan, and all future heirs to take care of the flowers as part of their inheritance. Xavier’s wish was to forge a family legacy of good character, wealth, and power. He was in the tech career.

donnieDonovan Pruett, also known as Donnie, is Xavier’s only son and first heir of the legacy. He is unfortunately known for almost destroying the legacy. Donnie hated children, and did not desire to have any of his own. But, he knew he had to have a son if he wanted to continue the legacy. As fate would have it, he got a woman pregnant. He was in a relationship with one woman and slept with another. She became pregnant, and he married her. So, ironically, the entire Pruett legacy is spawned from Donnie’s inappropriate relationship with Adalyn Darling. But that’s not all. His original girlfriend came back into the picture after he married his girlfriend on the side. He was still in love with her and was unable to resist her attempts to get back together. He slept with her, and she also became pregnant. When Adalyn, his wife, found out she was preparing to leave him and take the child–Aiden. But because of a series of unfortunate events, she never left. The stress of his unfaithfulness led to her untimely early death. Donovan is also the progenitor of the blonde hair. No one knows where it came from. He was in the culinary career.

aiden2Aiden Pruett is the illegitimately legitimate son of Donovan Pruett. He was the husband of Dulce Givens and the father of Jasmine, Jayla, Jayden, and Jared Pruett. Aiden was the first heir to have more than two children. He also had the first set of many twins in this family. Although the estate had gone through two renovations previously, Aiden’s renovation remains one of the most expensive in all Pruett history. His renovation included the music room, den, the current downstairs office, the transformation of the family room to a formal living room, the outdoor living room, and five of the current bedrooms. Aiden is so far the most wealthy heir. He was an author and was the first to have more than 100,000 simoleons in reserve.

jayden3Jayden Pruett, also known as Jay, was the most tragic heir in history Pruett (the history at this point ends at generation 7). Jayden was the first heir to get divorced. He was married to Maliyah Greer and is the father to Brittany, Bianca, and Brandon Pruett. He was also in the tech career.

brandon3Brandon Ramone Pruett has a few firsts. He was the first heir to have a middle name, and the first heir to be a house husband. Brandon was handy and his days upgrading plumbing, electronics, and appliances to make the Pruett Estate more sustainable and less expensive. He made all the electronics and appliances unbreakable causing an annual savings of at least 20,000. He was married to Amira Quraishi and is the father of Lance and Allen Pruett. Brandon also had marriage problems. He and Amira were separated for seven days and decided not to get back together. But, because he was near the end of his life, he did not grant her a divorce.

lance3Lance Amir Pruett is full of firsts. He is the first non-blonde heir, the first heir to not have the Pruett nose, the first comedian, and the first heir (and Pruett period) to have triplets. He is married to Myra Macon and is the father of Owen, Alayna, and Brady Pruett. He is in the entertainment career.

myraMyra Pruett, Lance’s wife, has broken the mold of the atypical Pruett wife so much so, she deserves a place in the hall of fame! The hall of fame is usually reserved for the heirs and their contributions to the legacy, but Myra’s own contributions and accomplishments cannot go unnoticed and undocumented. Because of her heart for family and drive to get everyone together, the Pruetts now have an annual family reunion and photo day. Her efforts will help future generations remember past generations with a simple memento–a picture. But, most importantly, she has helped bridge the gap between the heir family and the rest of the family.

Owen Pruett - 7th Generation *disqualified* Owen Pruett was the generation seven heir, and he was the first heir to ever disqualify himself as heir. In the middle of his life, Owen discovered he had children (twins) he never knew about. Upon meeting them and hearing their story, he came to love them and wanted to do right by them. He decided that he wanted the children to live with him, and so he bought a house and they all moved in together. Moving out of the estate disqualified him from being the heir. He was in the business career.

alayna3 Alayna Pruett-Holmes is definitely her mother’s daughter and is very deserving of a place in the hall of fame. Alayna received the most interesting Sim award for having more than 12 traits! She has completed three lifetime wishes (including the childhood one), earning three bonus traits. With all of the achievement points, she purchased numerous award traits for a total of 15 traits! She completed the creative childhood aspiration, painter extraordinaire, and mansion barron. She is currently working on the successful lineage aspiration. In addition to her multifacetedness, Alayna has more reason to be in the hall of fame. Following in her mother’s footsteps, she has a heart for family. Because Alayna was not the heir, her father never sat down and talked to her about the family. Alayna is a self-taught family historian. Because of her knowledge of the family, she single-handedly saved the legacy when it seemed like Owen was throwing it away. She came up with a plan to name Brady the heir while Owen and his son Ryan were still alive. If Ryan and his descendants stick to the plan, Brady’s lineage will be safe and will be the new heir line. Alayna was a stay at home mom and was the wife of Roland Holmes and the mother of Devan, Anthony, Cienna, and Sydney Holmes.

Brady Pruett - 7th Generation Brady Pruett was the first (and only) spare that ever had to take over as heir. This was the purpose of having spares, but it was never needed until now. Brady was the husband of Viviana Harmon and father to Julian and Kallie Pruett. He was in the athletic career.


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