Director’s Commentary

Sometimes I have thoughts on a particular chapter, or a sidebar comment I want to make, but with all the websites this story is posted on it’s hard to choose where I make them and if it’s even appropriate to make. So, I choose my own site! Welcome to the director’s commentary.


Chapter 8.8

So…I had reeeeeeal issues with this chapter when I was first writing it! I had no idea why, but I thought this was the weirdest chapter I had ever written. It didn’t flow well, the subject was random, and it was just…awkward! When I first wrote it, there was only dialogue and zero interjections from the narrator. That made it even more weird. And then, it had been a looooong time since Mia has been in the spotlight–if at all–so, I had to get reacquainted with her to make her sound remotely believable. I really struggled with this one, and for a split second I thought about just scrapping the whole thing and forgetting about it. But, then I was like, well…she kinda got married. That’s not something I can just casually skip over. There are folks out there who care about her! And then I would be mad at myself for taking time to take and edit all those pictures, so I decided not to scrap it. The question became “how do I make this less weird??” To answer that question, I had to answer this question:  why do you think it’s weird? And “I don’t know” is not an answer! My first answer was it’s random. I felt like this chapter was out of place and highly unexpected. This is true! But, then again, the majority of the turn of events in this story are random and unexpected. However, this one was a bit out in left field though. How do I fix it? Let the readers connect with the characters seeing as how these are two largely unknown characters from an interpersonal perspective. So, I expanded the dialogue a bit–mostly Robert’s. I added some explanations of feelings and lines for that deeper dive into the characters mind. I wash, rinsed, and repeated like 87 times, and voila! You have this chapter! Question is, do you think it’s still weird?

So…new question:  why is Mia’s hair blue? Because I was bored. Kidding! Mia is a really strange Sim, and she has been ever since she was a teen. She’s constantly staring at something else that no one else is looking at (or nothing at all). She ALWAYS has a whim to talk to her sister, but she never ever EVER satisfies her own whims! I understand how it is to be a loner, because I am one, but come on girl! Also, I swear…every time I am in camera mode, she stares and she smiles directly in the camera! If you go back and look at a lot of her pictures you can see it. That doesn’t happen with any other Sim, or at least not enough to notice. So, she’s weird. I figured because I think she’s weird, I would add my own feelings into the story lol. So I made her do something strange and unexpected. Like you saw in the Q&A…sometimes my poor Sims are subject to suits my fancy 🙂

Chapter 7.37

If you remember from my video when I first presented The Fountain, you will remember that I was not at all happy with the wedding and reception hall on the third floor. But, as you saw at the end of this chapter, I decided to go ahead and use it at least once. I’ve decided that I like it now! It looks totally different when I’m in there with the camera taking pictures at close range than it did when I was building it. It also probably helped that I changed the lights to all be neutral white instead of warm white. In real life, I HATE warm white. I don’t like how it makes everything look yellow, and that’s probably part of the issue I had with this room initially. They didn’t have a reception, so I never really got a good look in there and I don’t know if my feelings changed about that one. I even love the background outside the window behind the arch. Making the backside of the building all glass was a totally awesome idea!

Chapter 7.36

I made a totally awesome mistake in this chapter. You probably thought I did it on purpose, but I didn’t. Did you notice how wonderfully crisp the pictures were this time? Yep. I usually do the thumbnails for the family tree in the maximum quality because they are so small, and even at the highest setting the file size is still relatively small. However, I forgot to change them back to high when doing the pictures for this chapter. Of course, I noticed when I was done saving half of them. The perfectionist in me (and the editor that drools over high quality work) sooooooo wants to continue this look, but if I continue in this vein, I’m gonna exceed my storage quota very soon with all the pictures being almost 1 MB! I’m already at 91% capacity 😦 These are the good kind of problems I don’t mind having. BUT…these are the kinds of things that cross my mind as I debate whether I should spend money on the premium version of WordPress. In the grand scheme of things, it would cost that much, but the question is more around whether I want to make that kind of commitment. We’ll see.


12 thoughts on “Director’s Commentary

  1. Responding to your 8.8 commentary – It wasn’t weird to me. 🙂 You certainly provided enough context for us to not have to see her as “weird” if we are uncomfortable with weirdness (dying her hair out of grief, marrying a very “normal” guy who won’t even play dolls with her). I think perhaps you contained Mia even more than you needed to. Personally, I love weird. But I also love you and your innate sense of order, so. ;D

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    1. HA!! You noticed that about me, huh?? I am so busted LOL. I’m glad you think this worked! I’ll never be able to properly do weird without thinking of you now :-p Thanks for the Mia tip, btw. I’ll keep that in mind for when I’m playing with her again…if she’s still weird lol.

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